Meet the Masters


The Trip to Meet the Masters

Okinawa is a beautiful jewel-like island located at the southern tip of Japan. It is filled with spectacular scenery that will leave you speechless. Since the Ryukyu Dynasty, Okinawa has had a unique history and culture, which includes superb food nurtured by its rich nature, local cuisine that takes advantage of the local climate, and many other exciting attractions not found elsewhere.
The proud artisans of traditional crafts whose skills have been passed down from generation to generation reflect Okinawa's history, culture, and natural environment. Their unique coffee culture, which can be enjoyed farm-to-cup, is also a craft that deserves much attention.

Luxury Experience

Explore organic coffee farm

Enjoy the world-renowned Okinawan craft coffee culture

Coffee culture has developed uniquely in Okinawa. As one of the rarest coffee-producing regions in the world, it is attracting new attention. After visiting the farm of a quality-conscious organic coffee grower and experiencing its natural environment, you will be treated to a lecture by an expert on Okinawan coffee culture, followed by an exceptional farm-to-cup experience.

Tour A Traditional Craft Studio

Experience the beauty and eternity of Okinawan crafts.

Okinawan crafts have been cultivated over a long history. The pottery known as Tsuboya-yaki began in the Edo period and is highly regarded for its unique design not found elsewhere. Lacquerware, closely related to the Ryukyu Dynasty, was used in many sacred ceremonies to connect people with the gods. Visitors can see the current state of high-quality Okinawan craftsmanship, which continues to face new challenges while passing on its traditional culture to future generations. After interacting with the artisans, you can order their bespoke crafts onsite.

Tour Itinerary

Experience the ancient Ryukyu Dynasty culture and indulge in contemporary Okinawan cuisine and crafts.

Official visit to Naminouegu Shrine


The vermilion-lacquered main shrine of Naminouegu Shrine is set on a precipitous cliff of coral reefs rise from the beautiful emerald green seawater surface. It is considered the most prestigious of the eight Ryukyu shrines. We will visit the shrine and pray for the safety of our travel.

Kohiru lunch at Kakuman Lacquerware

小昼 @角萬漆器

The tour of Kakuman Lacquerware, the oldest and most respected lacquerware company in the Ryukyu Dynasty, will be led by representative Mr. Go Kadena. A light, satisfying lunch will be served, featuring a variety of lacquerware made to order by master artisans. Chef Takashi Kamieda of "Denkyo" will offer a creative contemporary Okinawan cuisine that pays homage to the traditional food culture of the Ryukyu Islands, using carefully selected ingredients reminiscent of the power of the land.

A tour of Ikutouen Craft Studio


Okinawa pottery, called "Yachimun,” has a 600-year history. Ikuto-en" is a long-established pottery that has been rooted in the Tsuboya area for generations and follows the Tsuboya Pottery tradition that began in the Edo period. While respecting traditions, the pottery boldly takes on the challenge of creating new expressions. The tour will be guided by Wakana Takaezu, the representative of the kiln, who will show us how the pottery is produced in the studio.

Dinner at Yanbaru Hotel, Nammei Shinshitsu

南溟森室× 小島シェフディナー

In the Yanbaru region of northern Okinawa, registered as a World Natural Heritage site, "Nammei-Shinshitsu" is a private villa in an ancient village preserved for over 400 years. In this natural environment, Chef Keishi Kojima will serve the French dinner, "Mauvaise Herbe.” These dishes are incredibly body-satisfying and evoke the taste of nature. The dinner includes powerful ingredients from the sea and mountains that the Chef gathered throughout his Okinawa travels.

Stay at Yanbaru Hotel Nammei Shinshitsu


The villa is modern and sophisticated, with traditional Okinawa elements scattered throughout. This villa is filled with prayers to pass on to future generations the beautiful and irreplaceable nature remaining in this area and the traditional village life that has continued uninterruptedly for generations. Staying at the villa, you will encounter a unique and precious experience that allows you to feel a part of real Okinawa that is not known to the public.

A special time to taste the world of Okinawa Craft Coffee Day in a farm-to-cup setting.

Lunch of traditional local cuisine at Emi no Mise


Ogimi Village in northern Okinawa has long been called the village of longevity. "Emi no Mise" is a farmer's restaurant that grows pesticide-free, vitality-rich traditional island vegetables. Using traditions passed down by the villagers, we offer healthy, environmentally friendly, and flavorful dishes that reflect the richness of this land.

A Tour of the coffee-grower, Burikena Farm


Okinawa coffee has attracted new attention recently. Burikena Farm grows specialty coffee certified by the Coffee Quality Institute (CQI), an international certification body that only recognizes high-quality coffee beans. The farm uses no pesticides or chemical fertilizers and is JAS-certified organic. We will tour the farm, which is usually closed to the public, and experience coffee production under the guidance of the farm's representative, Mr. Tadaaki Miyagi.

Experience Okinawa’s coffee culture at Coffee Potohoto

"COFFEE potohoto" runs a high-quality, locally loved coffee store in nostalgic Sakae-machi. Mr. Tetsushi Yamada, owner, roaster, and CQI-certified Q grader, will take you on a tour of the roasting room, which is usually not open to the public. He will explain the unique development of Okinawan coffee culture and his commitment to coffee quality. You can enjoy a supreme cup of coffee brewed by Mr. Yamada.

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Trip Details

Meet the Masters

Limited to one group per day

Four persons/group 2 days + 1 night

¥350,000~ excluding tax.

1 breakfast + 1 KOHIRU and 1 lunch + 1 dinner Transportation and pick-up by private car included *Airfare is not included. The price shown is for a group of 4. Please inquire about the price for 2~3 persons.

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